The whole world was sent spiraling into uncertainty by the coronavirus pandemic, and botanical gardens and arboretums have not been immune to closures and uncertainty. Things are still in a precarious state with some gardens beginning to open while others remain committed to closure and safety.

Gardens have responded to the closures in creative ways from virtual tours and online plant sales to sharing gardening tips from master gardeners over Instagram. Some gardens have had to resort to emergency fundraising efforts to stay operational.

Here we take a look at three different gardens that found ways to share the magic and healing powers of their garden during these unprecedented times.

Wave Hill

Wave Hill, a public garden in The Bronx, New York is giving away memberships to employees at New York City hospitals that provide admission for all staff and their accompanied families. “This gift comes from everyone at Wave Hill, and comes straight from our hearts,” says Wave Hill President and Executive Director Karen Meyerhoff, “We look forward to welcoming all of our heroes once the garden reopens to the public.”

For ticketing details, and a listing of additional benefits, employees should check the Wave Hill website at


Lotusland is a garden wonderland in Santa Barbara, California, and scoring a ticket is both expensive and difficult to do in the busier seasons. So it’s all the more generous that they declared all of their Giving Tuesday fundraising efforts to go towards providing “a visit to Lotusland for our local Healthcare Heroes, First Responders and EMTs serving on the frontlines of COVID-19.”  

A donation of $50 brings one frontline worker,  $200 brings a frontline worker and their family to the garden. More info at the Ganna Walksa Lotusland Facebook page.

Mill Pond Garden

Mill Pond Garden is an amazing botanical garden on the property of a private residence in Lewes, Deleware that is designed and shared with the public occasionally by experienced master gardeners. There is an earnestness about this garden and the excitement the owners exhibit in sharing their garden and their own expertise which seems to translate beautifully from their open garden days to new online mini-tours and updates of subsequent bloomings.

“Anyone who wishes to receive these video and slide show tours may subscribe free by submitting name and email address at The virtual tours, each about two minutes long, are sent out twice a week to show the garden’s wildlife and flowering changes.” – Cape Gazette

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